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Building and Fixing with Sam Runyon

Sam Runyon was in college when his car started breaking down. On a student budget, Sam quickly realized that if he didn’t learn to fix it himself, he wouldn’t be able to get where he needed to go. His aptitude for fixing (and making) things has served Sam well ever since. This was around the same time in the mid-90's when technology was getting easier and cheaper to use, which inspired his never-ending entrepreneurial phase of life. And with it came motivation to start his 3D software and design company, Mesa, Inc. Designed to provide affordable 3D CAD software and services to surrounding Ohio and Pennsylvania businesses, Mesa, Inc. is celebrating its 20th year of business.

Mesa has a relatively quiet office - unless all of the sales people are on the phone or if one of the office dogs greets an unexpected guest with a bark or two. Amidst the quiet is a Jarvis height-adjustable desk, whose motors and lifting columns are hush hush enough to blend right in to the atmosphere.

Sam started his search for the best height-adjustable desk to help Lorraine, his wife and trusted business partner, with her back pain. He had heard that standing desks are a solution to the problem of pain from too much sitting. After researching many products, the Jarvis stood out for a number of reasons. Sam was drawn to the frame’s adjustability (it may easily accommodate a handmade desktop) and the online reviews, which point out how incredibly stable it is. Plus, it came with a memory handset option to allow the sitting and standing positions to be set with the push of a single button. Jarvis was the winner!

New Desk Down-Edit

Having a stock of beautifully-aged black walnut hanging around his wood shop just waiting for a project, he decided to craft his own desktop. When the Jarvis frame arrived, Sam “liked the simple look of the base and its sturdy, almost overbuild construction and how easy it was to assemble.” Being able to design and build a custom top for his wife's desk helped to make the project most rewarding

Obviously, we thought his creation was share-worthy; you gotta check this out (and the resident office dog, Atticus)!

New Desk - up - Atticus shown for scale-Edit