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Bike Scrubbing and Fundraising; Volunteering with Linda

She's a bike buff with a boisterous laugh, and one enthusiastic customer service rep known for being full of light. Not only does Linda do a killer job at our Portland showroom, but she extends her detailed and dedicated services to local non-profits in her spare time. Her most recent volunteer experience involved a week-long bicycle ride all over Oregon.

Cycle Oregon and Portland's Community Cycling Center (CCC) combined forces for the Go For Gold ride. This annual ride doubles as a fundraiser for Portland's Holiday Bike Drive, where over 300 bicycles are given away to underserved kids of all ages—this translates to the first time on a bike for most!

Linda volunteered to clean, and by 'clean,' I mean thoroughly scrub the bikes of all Go For Gold riders. After a full day of trekking the Oregon countryside, riders would hand their bikes to the cleaning crew; the wheels were even pulled off to shine up the smallest of crevices with a plethora of different tools including small picks. Then, the bikes were returned just as clean'n'shiny as new. "This was one of the hardest, most fun volunteer gigs I've ever had the pleasure of being part of," Linda explains, "I can't wait to do it all over again next year."

How does one volunteer with these awesome organizations you ask? Visit the Cycle Oregon and CCC sites for more information!


Ride on.