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Bedazzle Yo Desk: Grommet Edition

Besides all of the amazing benefits to working at a beautiful Jarvis bamboo desk, I think customizing your space is key to creating that perfect work environment. If you’re not into cluttering your space with cat tschotskes, crystals, and plants—like I am—start simple: grommets.

These little guys help keep all your wires tidy and out of sight, plus they are super easy to bedazzle & paint. I mean, who doesn’t love a little glitter in their life?

What You Need

  • Blue tape (that gift to craftspeople)
  • Paintbrush (if you’re not doing fine detail, a 1” works great)
  • Paint (follow your bliss. The sparklier the better!)
  • Grommets (sort of a key ingredient)
  • Libations (enjoy your craft time!)

Pour up! I chose a blackberry cider. Best glass ever, I know.

First, tape up the base and underside of the grommet opening, that way you can cleanly slide them back into place on your desk.


Now paint! Sparkle! Do whatever. Let the blackberry cider be your guide.


Once they are dry, rip off that tape and enjoy!


Make your workspace yours and love the space you keep.