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Battling B Corps Part One: Eastside vs. Westside EcoChallenge

EcoChallenge 2017, it’s on

Today Fully is locking horns with the good people of Boly:Welch in a friendly office competition for EcoChallenge 2017. At least, far as we know it’s a friendly competition... right guys? Right?!

Who is Fully?  

We are Fully

Who is Boly:Welch?

Boly:Welch is a recruiting, staffing and HR consulting firm in downtown Portland. Since 1986 they’ve been building relationships with local organizations (employers like us!) and top talent (great candidates) that represent the unique patchwork of our Portland Metro community. We naturally became acquainted with Boly:Welch as a fellow B Corps and now a very happy client - we supplied their Cooper standing desks!

Getting it done

What is a B Corp?

The short answer, B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Each large city has a vibrant network of B Corp partners. We are lucky to be a part of Portland’s B Corp community. If you’d like to learn more about what it means to participate in a B Corp community, check out this great interview with Andrew Welch, the president of Boly:Welch and our founder and CEO, David Kahl.

What is an EcoChallenge?

So glad you asked! EcoChallenge is about taking real, measurable action and developing good habits to make Earth less-toxic, and an even better place to call home.

We can talk a big game when it comes to environmental responsibility. And while environmental responsibility sounds like a good idea, in practice it’s often a non-starter. There’s so very much to do, it can easily be overwhelming. While our efforts may feel good, they are often difficult to measure. It can seem like we’re not making any difference at all. Because of this, environmental stewardship—while it may be well-intended—is often unsustainable.

It is the goal of EcoChallenge to break down option paralysis to a digestible list of real-life actions we can take to make a difference. These are presented in an easy-to-use interface that measures the output of our efforts so we can see, in real time, the weight (literally) of our actions. The challenge itself lasts two weeks with the goal that we may keep up with all these positive changes beyond the challenge, incorporating them into our everyday routines.

Why should you care?

Yeah, climate change sucks. Sure sure, living in toxic waste is not a picnic either. But, who cares? If global warming is only something we encounter in the news, it can be hard to quantify its consequences until it’s our home that’s underwater.

Recently, Portland spent a couple weeks choking through the incredible smoke from nearby forest fires. Those who were not affected by the forest fires certainly haven’t forgotten the summer of 2016. It was hot as hell. The hottest year on record in fact, and the third consecutive record breaking year.

As the health of our planet declines, the symptoms are affecting everyone. The fate of the world is in our hands. Well, not literally, (unless you’re Chuck Norris). Still, you get the point. If we’re going to get anywhere making this world a better place to live, we have to start small. We each have to take personal responsibility and make useful changes, and we have to realistically address the fact that we’re not very good at making good habits stick.

What are the rules?

Easy: the company with the highest points wins. Everyone on the winning team gets a brand new truck is rewarded with the knowledge they’re making a difference. And in the spirit of true hippy, feel-goodery, we should say, nobody is a loser here—everybody wins. Awwww.

No, really though, we’re going to win.

Some fun Boly:Welch and Fully office stats