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A Working Playground

It probably comes as no surprise that, by-and-large, the lovely humans who work at Ergo Depot are a goofy bunch. We have this beautiful space and these SUPER Jarvis desks to help us keep our energy up and, well, they do just that. Our energy level, my friends, is way up there.

When you work at an adjustable height desk, there are an infinite number of positions between sit and stand. The range is there to allow you to be in whatever place your body asks you to go. Tip-toes, dance stance, the casual mid-day hunch, thoughtful pacing, fourth position in pointe shoes - whatever moves you. When you work with a bunch of adjustable-height fools at a company that just so happens to sell adjustable height desks, these infinite positions compound on each other. From time to time, this energy riles us to the point where the movement darts out from behind the desks and things get silly. We’re not just standing and we’re not just sitting; we are all over the place.


I encourage this, and I tell you about it in hopes of lighting a spark. When the days drudge and the reality of it all is juuust a little bit too real, it’s easy to forget how much a moment of ridiculousness can turn everything around. When we were children, they released us to the playground halfway through our day so that we could let some of it out. I can’t even imagine the horror of a collection of kids who haven’t let loose in a couple of hours. So why, then, do we do it to ourselves? It’s not fun - and it’s certainly not healthy.

It doesn’t have a slide (which is truthfully a huge bummer), but our office is our playground. We turn it up, let it out and, like Ms. Swift advises, we shake it off.


So grab a partner, take a moment, and don’t worry about looking like a fool. Life is short, and we all need a little more laughter in our lives. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the ways I’ve seen the movement move us:

  • Demonstrations of Dancer’s Pose/Competition to see whose legs are the bendiest.
  • Attempts to ollie rocking footrests. (This...was a success.)
  • A foot race/obstacle course that involved limbo-ing a Jarvis.
  • An assisted backflip. Ok, two or three assisted backflips.
  • Impromptu dance break inspired by, who else, Michael Jackson.
  • Twice weekly early morning workout seshes. Yes, we do push-ups on the showroom floor.
  • Playing Lava Monster across the office using anti-fatigue mats as stepping stones.
  • A pull up or two on the door frame.
  • Enthusiastic air guitar and desk drumming to Guns N’ Roses.
  • Riding the Schwinn around the office. (It is just as wonderful as it sounds).
  • Jarvis acrobatics. (Unfortunately, after some testing, we cannot recommend this one.)
  • Mini-basketball breaks in the web team Clubhouse. (Kobe!)
  • A brief tutorial of The Wobble.
  • Frequent and joyful desk dancing in every way, shape, and form.

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Also - we’d love to hear how you break up your day. (Lunch-time croquet, anyone?) We could use some new ideas. You should send us some pictures of how your office parties down...we promise not to laugh too hard.


Keep it shakin',
Lauren B.