Adjustable Height Standing Desks

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Fully is proud to offer the most robust selection of affordable, ergonomic sit-stand desks on the planet. With such a broad selection, we understand you might have questions about the best option for you. Feel free to give us a call if you need personal attention.

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It couldn't be easier. With the push of a button, our electric sit-stand desks can move from sitting to standing, and everywhere in between.

We believe that a high-quality adjustable height desk is an integral part of a proper ergonomic workstation. For ten years, we searched for the ideal electric standing desk and grew frustrated at the available solutions in the marketplace. Either the aesthetic was too bulky, the feature set was inadequate, or the price was too high.

So in 2010, we partnered with European and American suppliers to bring a more compelling height-adjustable desk series to the North American market. Features of our sit to stand desks include a smooth, reliable motor, at least 20 inches of height adjustability, contemporary lines, and a price starting at under $600. At last there is an adjustable height desk solution worthy of partnering with the HAG Capisco chair, Varier Move stool or Varier Wing Balans chair.

The Jarvis adjustable desk series is heavy on design, functionality, and most importantly: quality. Each model of our ergonomic standing desks is meant for intensive, daily use.

Wouldn't it be great if all of your co-workers were so committed?

Don't just take our word for it.

Scientists, physicians and health researchers from around the globe are in full agreement: electric adjustable height desks are good for your body. There are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk as opposed to a fixed height desk. Some of the benefits are explained below.

Improved Blood Circulation

The average fixed desk height in North America is 27" - 30". Fixed height desks greatly restrict movement below the waist. In fact, most traditional knee-tilt chairs actually cause some degree of blood pooling in your thighs or quadriceps.

With an adjustable height desk, your body is able to vary its position from sitting to perching to standing throughout the day. This results in measurable increases in blood flow and more nourishment to your muscles.

Reduced Musculoskeletal Discomfort

According to a study from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Laboratory at Cornell University, "substantial decreases" in musculoskeletal pain were observed within their sample of computer workers after just 4-6 weeks of working at an ergonomic sit stand desk. In fact, that study found that more than four out of five participants preferred adjustable stand up desks to standard fixed height desks. This supports other studies that concluded that when people are standing for a portion of their workday, they simply feel better. To read the full Cornell report you can click here.

Increased life span

Improved mental acuity and mood

Several studies have shown that workers at an adjustable height desk take fewer breaks and are more productive. In addition, measurable improvements in mental concentration and overall mood were noted amongst the participants who used standing desks.

Stand up desks are making their way into more and more workspaces, and people are feeling the benefits of this change. The Jarvis adjustable height desk line is the perfect way to upgrade your workstation into a healthier and more active work environment.


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