These active sitting chairs allow you the freedom to fidget as much as your body needs to. Whether it’s rocking, swaying, or bouncing, these chairs are designed to keep your body engaged so your mind stays focused.

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  1. fully tic toc together natural with cushion Tic Toc Together

    Tic Toc Together

    Find your shared rhythm
    Starts at $402.50 $575.00
  2. fully tic toc tyke natural Tic Toc Tyke 30% off

    Tic Toc Tyke

    A chair to let the wiggles loose
    Starts at $104.30 $149.00
  3. fully ongo kit orange and aqua ONGO Kit 30% off

    ONGO Kit

    A fidget spinner, in chair form
    Starts at $104.30 $149.00
  4. fully swoppster by aeris lime green Swoppster by aeris 30% off

    Swoppster by aeris

    The healthy happy active kids chair
    Starts at $199.50 $285.00