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These sturdy, clean-look cable trays provide a simple solution to manage your messy cables.
Starts at $10.00
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Our answer to the cable clutter problem

The WireTamer mounts to the underside of your desktop, providing a neat gutter that can handily hold a power strip, a mess of cables, or a secret chocolate stash. Constructed of 2mm thick extruded plastic, the cable trays are super sturdy and extra durable. They look good too: clean, straight lines, smooth walls, and a sag-proof design make for a low-profile addition to your desk.

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It's the little things

Keeping your workspace organized and peaceful—these are the keys to creating a space that brings out the best in you.

Details and dimensions 
Recommended WireTamer quantities per Jarvis top size
  • 30" - 42" with grommets: none
  • 30" - 42" without grommets: 1
  • 48" with grommets: 1
  • 48" without grommets: 2
  • 60" - 78": 2
Recommended WireTamer quantities per Remi top size
  • 46" x 27": Only one (1) wire tamer tray will fit between grommets
  • 58" x 27": Two (2) Wiretamer trays will fit between grommets
Shipping dimensions
Product  18" 4" 4" 3 lbs
Shipping details

WireTamer ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD.