Desk Cable Management and Wire Management

Transformative tools? Cable management keeps tangles tucked, for a more peaceful working environment.

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  1. fully clamp mounted surge protector on jarvis desk black Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

    Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

    Power within reach
    Starts at $63.20 $79.00
  2. fully wire management kit complete solution black Wire Management Kit

    Wire Management Kit

    A convenient bundle of our popular cable management tools
    Starts at $31.20 $39.00
  3. fully power grommet cover black in desktop detail view Powered Grommet Cover

    Powered Grommet Cover

    Easily charge devices from your desktop
    Starts at $39.20 $49.00
  4. fully cable management tray silver Cable Management Tray and Solution Kit

    Cable Management Tray and Solution Kit

    An easy-to-install solution to keep cables organized
    Starts at $24.00 $30.00

Next level desk cable management tools

We’ve thoughtfully designed standing desktops, all the way down to power source options and desk wire management solutions. Update your workspace with centralized power and uncluttered cords—a no-brainer with our power accessories and cable organizer tools. 

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

How do you hide the cords on a standing desk?

  • We asked the same thing. Our standing desks offer design solutions for desk wire management. Easy-to-install trays and kits channel the cords into a cable organizer area, so they are out of your workspace and doing their job.

How do you organize computer cables and wires?

  • One way to organize unwieldy computer cables is with cable management solutions like the Fully Cable Management Tray and Solution Kit. A tray like this provides a central location for desk wires and power strips. If you’re working with a computer tower and its associated cables, another way is to affix the tower with a Fully CPU Holder to the standing desk and streamline your workspace with cable management accessories.

How do I organize my desk wires?

  • Desk wire management accessories can help organize jumbled cords. You can design your desktop so that your power source is accessible, and then bundle your desk wires nearby with Velcro straps or cable clips. You might consider a mounted power strip that functions as a surge protector and offers outlets on top of your desk surface so you don’t have to crawl under your desk to plug in multiple devices (and their respective power cords).

How can I hide the wires under my desk?

  • Wire and cable management solutions that get those cords off of your floor. Fully makes a Cable Management Solution Kit with a tray and the hardware you need to keep your cables orderly and out of your way. We provide plenty of Velcro straps and cable clips to help unclutter.